Make A Settlement Offer

If you have received a letter and/or contact from us regarding a debt you owe to one of our members and would like to make a settlement offer to us, please fill out our Settlement Offer form below.

A settlement offer is a discounted offer of the total debt owed.  The maximum payment plan offered on a settlement offer is three payments over a maximum of three months.

For example, if your debt balance is $1,000 and you would like to make one payment to settle the account at a discount of 30% off, then please complete the below form by selecting 1 payment in the Number of Payments field and populating the amount for the 1st Payment with $700.

Once we receive your Settlement Offer proposal, we will consider your proposal and advise you if it is accepted.

Note: By entering your contact details and email into this form, you agree to our terms and conditions of service.

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