The credit application is important when starting a relationship with a new customer. This form will help you to decide what credit limit to extend, and if a bill is not paid, it will help you to collect your money. You should be looking for stable income or employment, someone who does not have a lot of debt, good existing credit, and no NSF checks, judgments or collection accounts.


When you decide to extend credit to your customers, you will need to decide on how you want to extend that credit. You don’t want to be too lenient or too strict, it could affect sales. You will want your terms to be acceptable to your customers. You should also consider your credit policy as a form of customer service that you are offering your potential and existing clients.


Strata schemes (or plans) are the registered plans of a strata title property and are quite common in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Stratas offer property owners the ability to share in the costs and upkeep of a development. However, there are times when strata fees become delinquent. CINCB can help you pursue unpaid strata debts. But first, let’s get up to speed on what a strata is, how stratas work, and what typically happens when strata debts go unpaid.


Good credit can be compared to what’s known as an uneventful flight in aviation. In fact, that is the very goal that we seek. What is the goal of a credit report? The goal is to find customers with good credit and do business with those customers. The goal is also to find debtors with bad credit and avoid doing business with them until they clear up their credit. 

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