Why List Your Debt with CINCB?

1.   We do it professionally.

2.   More people pay their bills because of a genuine desire to maintain a good credit report than for any other single reason.

3.   CINCB knows when debtors move, where they move, when they are divorced, separated, change their names, etc.

4.   Most companies do not like their collection service to be conspicuous and stand out as an individual effort.

5.   Using CINCB improves public relations. Your CINCB is a community business.

6.   100% debt recovery with no cost or work required on your part.  Our services to you are free if you follow our requirements.

7.   Why spend your money employing staff to collect delinquent debts?  Your full focus should be on performing your core purpose.

8.   Collections never die in the CINCB files. They become part of the credit record and stay that way until paid.

9.   Every account received for collection becomes part of the credit record. These delinquent accounts are reported to every bank, retailer and wholesaler who inquires about the debtor.

10.  Many kinds of purchases or loans cannot be obtained where derogatory collections show on the credit record.

11.  We maintain a sophisticated database that you can get online access to in the future if you are considering giving credit to an applicant.

12.  Our online collection reporting service can help you zero in on the customers that have good credit so you can close your sale faster and avoid the potentially negative creditors.

13.  When accounts are listed with CINCB, all other member firms help you to collect your money. Merchants are hesitant to sell to customers who have accounts listed for collection.

14.  We can report to you on a monthly basis giving you a status report of all collections accounts you have turned over to us.

15.  CINCB has collectors and supervisors trained as credit specialists with good customer service skills.  Our collection’s officers are trained and equipped to handle this very sensitive issue with the debtor in a professional manner.


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