Sample Collection Program

Sample Collection Program

The below collection program is given for information only but is the suggested protocol to follow to receive the most effective and efficient collection rates.

There is no requirement to use this procedure.

Ultimately, you can utilize our services any way you see meets the needs of your company.

For example you can choose to:

  • Utilize Stage 1 Overdue Notices only
  • Utilize Stage 1 Pre-collect Letters only
  • Utilize Stage 2 Standard Debt Collections only
  • Utilize Stage 3 Legal Action only
  • Or utilize any combination that meets the needs of your company

You can also choose to utilize any of these services at any time, for example, you may choose to send a Stage 1 Pre-collect Letter at 90 days or at 150 days instead of 120 days. Or you can use Stage 2 Standard Debt Collection at 180 days.


CINCB - Sample Collection Chart

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