Pre-Employment Screening

The success of a business is its human resources.

Pre-employment screening is the first step to ensuring a business gets the best for the job.

Whenever an employer is recruiting new staff, it may be necessary from time to time and depending on the job responsibilities to check the credit history report of the applicant.   This report will offer insight into the applicant’s quality and character.

The report will include derogatory credit information as well as previous addresses. This is especially useful for companies whose candidates will have check-writing privileges or other access to company funds.

Protect your business against:

  • Negligent hiring
  • Lawsuits
  • Theft

CINCB Membership not required.

If you are an employer and not a CINCB member, simply request your job applicant to come to CINCB to get their Certified Copy Credit Report which they can then present to you.


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