Overdue notices sent out by CINCB are the best way to significantly reduce accounts that are not collected and increase cash flow.  It is the most affordable and diplomatic alternative.

Overdue notices should normally be sent at 60 days, 90 days and 120 days delinquent.  This technique is more effective than traditional collection processes because action is taken sooner rather that later, and in debt collection the older a debt gets the more difficult it is to collect.

CINCB’s early intervention:

  • helps avoid bankruptcy losses, death or mail skips.
  • increases cash flow by collecting funds faster.
  • improves efficiency because members no longer have to work accounts internally, thereby saving valuable time that can be used to manage other aspects of your business.
  • is a diplomatic approach, members do not have to worry about alienating their valued customers, thereby paving the way for future business transactions.
  • advises your customer that you are a member of CINCB.

Please note that Overdue Notices advises your customer to pay their account in full directly to you. You maintain full control of your accounts during this period. They do not come to CINCB offices to pay on their account.  Therefore, you must add on to your customers account CINCB’s Overdue Notices fees in order to recover this cost.

CINCB’s service charge for a Overdue Notices are very reasonable.  Upon sending out the letter, your account with CINCB will be charged the scheduled fee and you will see the transaction charge on your next monthly CINCB Statement of Account.

Please note that you are under no obligation to list the debt with CINCB if the debtor does not respond to Overdue Notices. However, should you choose CINCB to conduct debt collection services on your behalf, we will do so with the utmost of professionalism and confidentiality.

CINCB looks forward to the possibility of being of service.


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