How Our Services Work

CINCB provides professional credit reporting and debt collection services.

You must be a member of CINCB to receive these services.

Be sure to include our suggested waiver statement in your application forms and have your customer sign for acknowledgement.

Before you purchase a credit report, be sure you have a signed credit application form from the applicant giving you permission to purchase the credit report – see our suggested waiver statement.

Turn your delinquent debt accounts over to us as early as 60 days overdue – the earlier the delinquent debt is turned over to us the better the chances are to make a recovery.

To turn a delinquent account over to us, simply fill out the Notification to Collect Delinquent Debt Form and fax to us.

Once you turn a debtor’s account over to us:

  • You must cease all contact with that debtor
  • You must cease all additional charges, whether service, interest, etc.
  • You must not mail out any statements or invoices for that account

If standard debt collection procedures are unsuccessful to collect on the debt, then CINCB can take the debtor to court on behalf of the Member if necessary in order to make recovery.

If debtor pays you directly, you must notify us immediately by filling out and faxing over to us the Direct Payment Advice Form so we can reconcile our records, otherwise we will have a different balance than you which could cause future problems.

All information submitted to CINCB is held in strict confidence and in conformance with the Cayman Islands Confidential (Preservation) Law 1994.


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