How Does Credit Reporting Work?

Our system is a web/browser-based system that is secure, intelligent and intuitive.  It was created with the awareness of the need for strong security around the sensitive data that will be sent through the network. We will offer training resources to you.

CINCB secures Credit Data on Consumers from Banks, Merchants, Individuals or any entity wishing to extend credit.  Our Data comes only from registered members of CINCB.

This data is verified for authority, validity and accuracy.  All members can send Data to CINCB online or by hard copy printed forms.

Data is assembled into individual files for each consumer reported upon.  Members can then order individual comprehensive reports of any consumer on file as an entitlement of membership.

Keep in mind that only bona fide members can search this confidential database and only through highly secured entry by verified passwords.  More information can be supplied upon your request regarding the security of the database.


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